About Profbyuro

The Profbyuro of students of the Faculty of advocacy of National university ” Odessa law academy”
You are a student, and it is wonderful. The university gives you an opportunity to study and we, the profbyuro of students – the organ of student self-government. We do everything to help you interestingly and it is merry to conduct the spare time, open new talents, become acquainted and make friends not only with you group mates but also with many other merry and interesting boys and girls.

So, the profbyuro is:
*Legal and social defense of your interests.
*Realization of your possibilities.
*Organization of an educate, sporting and health work.
*Creation of favourable terms for labour and studies.
We want to satiate your living by a positive and merriment. Kvests, competitions, merry starts, evening-parties you can find all of it for you. Join in large family of profbyuro of the Faculty of advocacy.

FA is cool, FA is a wonderful. You love FA, and FA loves you.