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The bar has its roots far back in time. Even in the times of ancient Greece and Rome began the process of forming the image of the modern lawyer. The relevance of this specialization is due to human nature itself, because wherever there are people, there is a dispute between them, so highly skilled lawyer is always guaranteed a job and a decent fee. This is one of the truly special professions, and it is not casual, because by nature Advocacy Institute is one of the tools of a democratic society, as a very important function – to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the person.

Today, the leading place of training potential advocates in Ukraine is the faculty of the Bar of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”. It is our structural unit has everything you need for this: from the quality of the material and technical base to practice-oriented organization of educational process.

Oyi3hcu2AkwTo mention a few arguments: National University “Odessa Law Academy” – a multi-functional modern housing facilities with a total area of 100 thousand sq. M. m; Training Foundation are about 500 general and specialized audiences; More than 20 computer classes to 700 jobs; 2-D and 3-bed rooms in hostels hotel type, etc. To all this and more the possibility of direct sensations unforgettable flavor of South Palmyra, because the body of the Faculty of legal profession – is a completely new building which is located in the heart of Odessa, and offer beautiful views of the city and coastline.


As for the educational process, it should be noted that our work is always focused on the close relationship between theory and practice, which is why at the Faculty are taught not only the classic for all law schools of discipline, but also special courses ( “Security Considerations tactics”, “Ethics of lawyer . activity “, etc.), besides training is conducted in two specializations: the lawyer-representative of the parties and counsel in criminal proceedings.

The teaching staff includes leading academics, legal practitioners and the lawyers directly. Scientists of the Faculty of implementing an extensive program of scientific research in various fields of jurisprudence, are making a significant contribution to the improvement of the Ukrainian legislation, provides scientific advice to various national and international bodies on legal issues involved in the development of draft laws, including with regard to the reform of the legal profession.


The Faculty operates practice-Analytical Club “Advocate”, which meets with the participation of not only local lawyers, but also our colleagues from Europe and the United States. In addition, the Department is actively supporting the implementation of international cooperation programs, in particular the Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies (TEMPUS), Fulbright program, and others. Also, students of the faculty have the opportunity in parallel with the main educational process to attend classes, which are held in English, French and German, that in the future will allow them to better integrate into the work of international educational institutions.

The accumulation of theoretical knowledge contributes to the scientific library, which collected more than 700 thousand. Copies of both scientific and artistic literature. Special attention here deserves a museum of rare books, which are widely represented the primary sources, that is an invaluable material for in-depth analysis of the legal matter. Created sector of legal literature in foreign languages, his fund is constantly updated editions of the leading universities in the world, as well as international organizations materials.

Along with the educational process provided an opportunity to gain practical skills. So, in 1998 on the basis of our university is functioning legal clinic where the best students of the Faculty of the Bar under the guidance of experienced facilitators to practice law. Faculty also cooperates closely with the Bar Council of Odessa region, Odessa Regional Bar Association and other outstanding representatives of lawyer self-management and practice that enables students to directly integrate into a professional environment even from college.

6s3RzYJO8gwIn addition, on the basis of our university developed an extensive modern infrastructure for living, learning, development of sports and artistic talents. Faculty Students are provided opportunities to engage in sports, including in the sections of sports perfection, such as volleyball, basketball, football, judo, shooting, table tennis, swimming, athletics, boxing, aerobics, martial arts, gymnastics. Functions fitness center “Themis”, which meets all the international quality standards. We have a wide range of opportunities to exercise your creativity in the composition of the team of KVN, as well as all sorts of creative competitions and events. Student Union Bureau of the Faculty work is aimed at organization of public entertainment through a variety of actions, excursions, events, etc. Information is the function of the press center of the Faculty, which daily informs students and teachers about the latest news from the life of the faculty, in particular, and the University as a whole. In addition, in the summer time we care about the rest of our students, so everyone can spend their holidays in a modern recreation center “Academy”.