How to behave in the modern world, not to lose moral senses?

That must be major in life of man? Where to ladle inspiration and readiness to the new day?
About it and other great deal on November, 26 the candidate of divinity, teacher of the Odessa spiritual seminary, abbot of temple of the church of Sergiya Radonezhskogo told the students of the faculty of advocacy priest Sergiy. A guest gave a few priceless advices about that, how in modern society, where unscrupulousness becomes the ordinary phenomenon, not to lose the best human qualities, retold instructive biblical histories and vital facts. «To remain a man in the modern world is an intricate, but fully executable problem, – priest Sergiy summarized. – it is Necessary to live on honour, at all fairness. In fact for a man which lives on these rules, all in life goes well. Amoral personality is always pursued by one or another troubles».
Article: Olga Zaborovskaya