Top 5 interesting facts about a student

1. Chocolate on exam. Among strange Japanese traditions, have such. Many Japanese students on exam take with itself a chocolate, but not simply chocolate, it must be «Kit Kat». This chocolate is like a talisman for them. And it is mean with that «necessarily will win» over Japanese combination of words «Kitto katsu» very consonant with the name of this chocolate product.

2. Land of nod. To almost all students, it happened to doze on a lecture from a fatigue. But certainly not because boring them, but simply because «stormy» student life drains a young and ungetting strong organism often. Such was almost with every student, why to cheat. But in France to this problem belonged not only attentively but also originally. In University in town Nant created the special room for a student siesta. And now at any time flow of day every student can call at it and rest, in complete sense of this word. In the special apartment it is forbidden not only to smoke and loudly to speak but also listen music, but the most important even to hug and kissed. “Sleepy room” in the university decided it was to open from that, indeed very much many students fallen asleep on lectures straight in an audience.

3. Is an university entrant a former student? An usual us word university «entrant», which is designate girls and youths, going to enter higher educational establishment presently, actually results from Latin abiturus or abiturientis (from abire (lat.) – to «leave»). Interestingly, that on «latine» this word designates the graduating student of educational establishment, which plans to abandon the walls of «Alma mater», but not nearly to act. The «correct» value of word university «entrant», which is designate graduating students, was until now saved in the most world countries.

4. «Primitive scream». Strange tradition until now is very popular in many foreign universities. It is tradition of «primitive scream» ( angl. of «The Primal Scream»). Student «Primitive scream» reminds scream of Tarzana and soccer fanaticism usually proceeds from 5 to 10 minutes.
It is settled students to publish him in the period of session on territory of university, because it is considered that he takes off agitation and overstrain from a session.

5.«Exam on honesty». In the famous Prinston university in the USA students write the writing examinations without teachers in an audience. All business is in the «Code of honesty» — traditional corporal oath which all and singular freshmen are under an obligation to give accepted in an university. In an oath students promise, that as high-decent citizens, obligated not to copy off on examinations.