Excursion in an appeal court is a useful method to know more about a device of the court.

In November, the 24 took place an excursion in the Odessa appeal administrative court for the students of the 1 course of the faculty of advocacy supported by the dean of the faculty Stoyanova Nickolay Michaylovich.

He considers in fact, that students must be comprehensively developed, hear about everything in practice, rather than just from textbooks.
Therefore for students excursions get organized in different courts for the study of vehicle of court and his activity.

Students familiarized with cabinets, where engaged in the analysis of judicial statistics; by the hall of the judicial meetings and their device. Also everyone was able to visit on the judicial meeting and will familiarize with a process in a role of looking after. An excursion very pleased boys, because they were able to see the device of court and trial.

Oleksyuk Yuriy, a student of the 1 course of FA, first visiting a court shared the impressions: «Sitting on lectures, seminars I read material, but hardly presented it in operations, therefore when declared an excursion in the appeal court of Odessa, I am not on a second was not thoughtful and here gave the request. Personally staggered me arrange ships and his arranged work. Here everybody is one’s own way important and due to their joint work justice is managed.»

Article: Tatyana Masnyuk
Photo: Iliya Taranenko