Day of the Advocacy Department!

Many of you have heard and known the Advocacy Department annually celebrates his birthday on October 13th. Although the evening of the 13th is more appropriate called the preparation for the celebration, as the party starts at midnight on October 14th – the day is really the birthday of our beloved department.
You can find more information about this issue in the first episode of “Spotlight AD» ( Advocacy Department turned 11 years old this year!
The celebration began with the inviting everyone to take photos at the photo-zone.

After, there are the events, which are difficult to fit in one night, but skillful and talented students of the The Advocacy Department with their dean, who always ready to help everyone, succeeded it.

We also want to note the guests of our holiday, which, in spite of the weather, come to plunge into the festive atmosphere of the Advocacy Department. Thank you that you are always with us!

Ukraine is no longer ruled by Hetman, but it does not apply to the Advocacy Department. 13/10/16 Stoyanov Nikolai Mikhailovich officially took the oath of allegiance to his Department and his students, picking the mace up, which overcame a long way from the Dnieper to Odessa.

The talents were able to prove themselves on the stage of the Atlantic at beautiful night. And it seems they succeeded it!

We wish to thank our wonderful trade union committee for the organization of an event of such magnitude! The head of the trade union committee, Ilona Andreeva and her team are always with the AD!

MC Kovёr and MC Kiryunya helped to make the unforgettable night. Thank guys for their drive, which lighted everyone up. Also, we say thank DJ Stoletoff.
This party could not leave anyone indifferent, and it will be remembered for a long time.


Article: Catherine Slobodyan
Photo: Tikhon Glebov
Video: Jaroslav Levitsky