Faculty of Advocacy, visited Jim Buttery

Faculty of the Bar took in the walls of the next foreign guest, this time this guest turned out to be Jim Buttery – famous advokatTsentralnogo California coast, friendly person who is easy to find contact with the jury, and has a sharp mind, which can greatly simplify the seemingly even the most complex ( confusing) case, it thus has the typical features of a professional lawyer – representative. Jim has participated in more than 50 delah.BTjBxT_MHmk

At the same time, he enjoys no less respect from clients, which he helped initiate without trial. His natural flair, suitable for conflict resolution, making it the preferred lawyer, representative of the Central California coast, and the number 1 choice for real estate owners and the owners of construction companies. Jim Buttery is the chairman of the company under the name of Civil Litigation Practice Group, which specializes in practical activities to represent the interests of persons in the civil sudoproizvodstve.BlBL7_EaPmY

He is also a member of the Environmental and Land Use Practice Group, which specializes in dealing with environmental and land rights. As for Jim’s expertise, it is – the resolution of disputes in a wide range of different branches of law, which includes real estate transactions, as well as – litigation central moments which are business and construction (contract business and architecture).

In carrying out the procedural act as a representative, Jim advises its customers at any stage of the process on how to avoid possible litigation, or how to be in the most favorable position at a certain stage of the process.

Jim has devoted students in particular the procedure of becoming a lawyer. In particular, a huge amount of experience and a successful exam for lawyers’ license (approx lawyer -. Attorney) .EEubu2TLCqs

Jim Buttery, shared with the students some of the tricks of the legal profession. “Customers should be sure to listen to, that is, as if to penetrate his problem – and it will be key to your success as a lawyer, “- he explained.

“The lawyer profession is very difficult, the first time will have 20 hours a day to give the work, but it’s worth it, because then you will pay a lot “- says Jim.

He also paid attention to some points of the judicial system and the construction of the US litigation. There are Federal and High Courts in the system. the judicial process itself is not as emotional as shown in the movies. “It is best not to bring the case to court, and to settle disputes out of court for this purpose in the United States there is an institute of mediation,” – says Jim Buttery.

In general, the work of lawyers, Jim speaks quite flattering, says that the work dreary, but interesting, although notes that would not want his children to become lawyers.

Article: Daria Zakharova

Photo: Yaroslav Levitsky